DIY. Why Bother?

When you undertake a diy project, it invariably means more work for you.  And shutters are no different. So why bother?

Well as we mentioned in the previous post, it usually comes down to money. You can make considerable savings on your new shutters by choosing the diy option. Most full service shutter companies offer “free” home consultations, but someone’s got to pay for cost involved in travelling,etc.  If it’s not you, then It’s someone else. This cost is built into the final selling price.

So if you can eliminate this cost as well as the cost of a crew returning to install, and you have a number of windows to get done, believe me you are going to save a packet by choosing the diy route!

OK I hear you say, I’ve got tons of money, can’t get rid of the stuff quick enough. Give me some more good reasons! 

If you like a bit of diy, installing your own shutters will give you enormous satisfaction.  They’re not terribly difficult to install, if like most homes, you have pretty standard windows.  And they will transform any room in your home so you will be proud of the work you’ve done. The buzz will last for days if not weeks!

Finally you simply may not have any other option.  If you live far off the beaten path and you only want the small window in the en-suite done for starters, you may not be able to find a full service company willing to travel. Or if they do, you might find they’ll charge you an arm and a leg for the privilege.

So for any of the above reasons, It’s well worth while investigating the diy option for your new plantation shutters.

Here We Go

Well it’s a slow Friday afternoon and I’m winding down the clock to 5pm, so what better way to pass the time than to start a blog. In fact I might just dedicate Friday afternoons exclusively to updating and improving the Shutterplus social media tentacles.  

Those who know about these things say that writing a blog will increase traffic to your web site. So if you are looking for top quality diy plantation shutters that are really easy to install and delivered FREE direct to your door throughout the UK & Ireland, then give us a shout.  We’ll be more than happy to help.

Now can’t wait to see on Monday morning how much extra traffic that link above has generated!!

Anyway each week, or even more frequently if I can find a dark, dingy basement, I will post hints, tips and advice on taking the DIY approach to plantation shutters. The pitfalls to look out for; the enormous sense of achievement you’ll feel; the enormous amount of money you’ll save!  Yep it always comes down to money.

That’s enough for starters I think. Stay tuned. Or even subscribe!