I Can’t Take Any More!

I took a call from a lady a few weeks back.

“I’m so glad I found you”, she said in a strong Lancashire accent.  “I can’t take any more. It’s my seven year old. He sets the Sky+ to record his favourite WWE programme overnight and with the strong sunlight coming through his Velux roof window, he’s up at the crack of dawn next morning, jumping and shouting, John Cena this and Randy Orton that!  I need a window shutter to darken the room and hopefully keep him in his bed for a couple of hours longer.”

It’s the kind of story we hear all too often during the summer months.  And it’s so easy to resolve with our fantastic range of made-to-measure Velux Shutters.

To find out which shutter you need, simply pull your window open towards you and you will see a metal plate on the inside edge.  Make note of the six digit code, eg GGL MO6 and we’ll have a plantation shutter to match.  No measuring required! 


Your Velux shutter comes fully hinged and framed, so there’s no assembly required.  Just lift onto the window and fix in place.  We have numerous sizes in stock and they usually ship next day.


The same lady very kindly sent us a photo of her new shutter.  WWE annual not included. A longer nights sleep usually is!

Simple as that.  Problem solved.  Sweet dreams from Shutterplus!

Visit our web site www.shutterplus.co.uk or from ROI www.shutterplus.ie

I’m Convinced. Where Do I Start?

First of all, take rough measurements of your window and enter them into the shutter design facility on our plantation shutters web site

This will give you an idea of the cost involved and we will also give you a further 5% discount on this price if you “Like” our Shutterplus Facebook page.

Now it’s time to shop around. Find some local shutter suppliers on Google and ask them to quote you for basswood shutters for your size window.

If our price, which includes delivery to your door, still looks attractive, then it’s time to order your shutter samples and get the ball rolling. These are a must to help you choose the correct louvre size, frame profile and paint or stain finish.  In no time you’ll have your beautiful new plantation shutters at a fraction of the cost charged by full service companies.

And remember we’re there to help you every step of the way, while we always send you drawings of your shutter order for you to double-check before anything gets manufactured.