DIY & Technology

Anything that makes everyday life easier and less expensive has to be applauded. The advances in technology and in particular the internet and increased accessibility for the masses has certainly played it’s part in making everyone’s life that bit easier. And no where more so than in the area of online shopping. Goods are so much cheaper on the internet than on the High Street. And now custom-made products like plantation shutters can be easily purchased online. At Shutterplus, our online DIY Shutters designer tool allows customers to design their shutters from the comfort of their own home. Free shutter samples allow you the time needed to choose which colour suits best. Not the case when a salesman needs the samples back to move on to his next call. And we understand the biggest obstacle customers have of buying online is making a mistake and the shutters don’t fit properly when they arrive. At Shutterplus, once you place your order with us, you will receive drawings of your shutters so that you can double-check, again in your own time, to make sure everything is as it should be. This offers you invaluable peace of mind. And remember you only need to pay a deposit of 50% when placing your order. So don’t dismiss the diy shutter route until you at least explore the process and the huge savings to be made. You won’t regret it!

On A Clear Bay…..

When it comes to bay window coverings, nothing works better than plantation shutters.

But the one downside that customers feel, is that at any one time, your shutters can’t be completely opened back, leaving the window free of any covering.

When we started out in shutters some 10 years ago, I had a 3 sided bay window job on and it required 6 panels, 2 on each section.  So I decided to hinge the 3 panels on the right to each other and the 3 on the left likewise.  This allowed all the shutters to be folded back leaving a completely clear window.

Sounds good.  However the weight of 3 panels hinged together resulted in the panels continually sagging and not working very well.

It was a costly experiment for me and one which I haven’t repeated since.

If you want bay window shutters, you’re going to have to compromise. The centre panels will have to fold back onto the adjacent window.  Plus if you are like the majority of homeowners who have had shutters fitted, you will most likely leave the panels closed over and simply tilt the louvres to adjust the light.