Self Build & Improve Exhibition 2012

Shutterplus are delighted to announce their attendance at this years Self Build & Improve Show in The King’s Hall, Belfast from 17-19 February 2012.

Come along and see our complete range of CedarWood, BassWood and PolyTherm plantation shutters on display. Attend one of our demonstrations showing you how to measure and install your own shutters or book a home consultation and let us look after everything for you.

Shutterplus already give you the best prices on premium quality plantation shutters and if you drop by our stand, don’t forget to pick up your exclusive discount voucher which entitles you to a further 5% OFF!

Contact us for complimentary tickets before they’re gone!  See you there!


Put ’em under pressure!

When Jack Charlton was manager of the Irish soccer team, he described his style of play as “putting the opposition under pressure”, not letting them play their own game. It was successful up to a point, but at the end of the day, (to use another soccer cliche), it only gets you so far.

When it comes to selling shutters, or anything for that matter, I don’t believe in using pressure tactics.  Many of our customers tell me of encounters they’ve had with salespeople, mainly from large UK blinds retailers (who shall remain nameless as I have had my fair share of legal threats from competitors but that’s for another post!) who have just stopped short of pinning them to the wall in order to leave with a deposit!

I believe the customer is, first and foremost, looking to deal with someone they can trust.  After all they are going to part with a substantial payment before they get their plantation shutters at all. On numerous occassions I have told homeowners that shutters will not be successful in a particular window and they have appreciated my honest advice.

Ok I may have left with a smaller order, but honesty will be rewarded either by further business or a referral to a friend or family member.

So if a pushy salesperson refuses to remove their foot from your door, tell them their display of desperation says more about their pursuit of sales targets rather than the well-being of their customers.



Hugo Clancy.

19 January 2012 

Tear-on-tear Shutters!

Yes I know it should be spelled tier-on-tier but I am referring to what happens when you design this style of shutter with too many panels.

I had a case many years ago where a customer with a two metre wide window, which was divided into three sections, wanted tier-on-tier shutters with six panels, three bi-folding left and three bi-folding right. Z frame with protruding cill so three-sided frame.

I warned against such a design as there are simply too many panels involved, far too much going on! 

Shutters were fitted as designed and we did our best to make them as stable and functional as we could through the use of extra shutter magnets and they actually turned out quite well.

However I think a much better job in the long term would have been six full height shutters with the option of a mid-rail.

But as they say, “The customer is always right”! 


Hugo Clancy.