Replacement Parts For Your Plantation Shutters

Accidents will happen around the home.  Things end up getting broken and plantation window shutters are no different.

Don’t worry if something goes wrong with your shutters.  We have all the replacement shutter parts in stock to put things right.

So what’s likely to go wrong?

The most common requests we get for shutter parts from our customers are for louvre staples and louvre pins. Staples are inserted into the louvres and tilt rod and this connection allows you to open and close the louvres by pushing the tilt rod.  Through wear and tear or someone actually pulling them out, these staples may, every so often need replacing.  It’s a very simple job that takes no more than 5 minutes using a needle nose pliers and some super glue gel. We have an instruction leaflet showing you what to do.

The second most likely problem home owners encounter with their shutters is broken louvres or a broken louvre pin.  If a louvre gets broken or is damaged, again it’s very easy to replace and we have these in stock.  In order to replace the louvre without taking the whole frame apart, you will need what’s called a spring-loaded replacement louvre pin.  Quite an easy job to do also and we have full instructions showing you how to do it.  If it’s just the louvre pin that’s been broken, simply insert the replacement pin mentioned above, into the hole in the frame where the original pin was, and the spring tip will pop into the hole in the edge of the louvre.

So when your shutters are broken, they needn’t remain unsightly for too long.

Fantastic I hear you say, but how can I get hold of these spare parts for shutters?

Well until recently they were available for purchase from our DIY Shutters online store, which was hosted on the Owjo platform, however Owjo appear to have gone AWOL and left us, and our customers high and dry.  So we are currently working on getting a new store up, and we should have this completed in the next few days.  Here’s the link to the web page where you can access it from when it’s live

We’ll post a notice on here also.

Hugo Clancy.