DIY Shutters in 3-4 Weeks

Recently we’ve had a lot of inquiries from customers looking for shutters supplied in 3-4 weeks rather than waiting for Chinese imported shutters.

It appears the lead time for Chinese shutters is currently averaging around 11 weeks, which is an incredibly long time to wait to have something fitted in your home, even if it is custom-made.

I suspect this is an attempt by the shutter factories in China to reduce their production or shipping costs as wages and other inputs increase.  Instead of shipping express in 30 days to Europe, it can be cheaper to ship 45 days, with the ocean vessel calling to a lot more ports en route.

On the factory floor, less workers are employed or overtime is reduced in order to keep costs down, and this inevitably increases lead times.

At Shutterplus, we can supply you with your diy custom-made hardwood shutters in 3-4 weeks and diy flat pack shutters in just 7-10 working days.

So there’s no need to wait on the slow boat from China!

Also if you need repair parts for shutters, or you’re looking for shutter components to build your own shutters, at Shutterplus we have everything you need; louver pins, shutter magnets and shutter hinges.

Contact us today to get your order under way.

Posted by Hugo Clancy. 12 April 2014