Shutters for the New Year

Well 2015 is nearly upon us and of course it’s at this time of year when we make resolutions to get something done to start of the year on a good note.

If you’re into DIY, why not resolve to take on a project that will add real value to your home, give you enormous satisfaction and can be achieved at minimal cost.

At Shutterplus, we offer you 3 DIY options for adding plantation shutters to your home;

  1. Ready-made shutters, completely made up, finished, pre-hinged and ready for assembly. 3-4 week lead time
  2. Flat pack shutters, with all the components machined and ready for assembly and finishing. 7-10 day lead time.
  3. Build your own shutters, pre-primed components with your own detailed custom cutting list for the serious DIY’er! 3-5 day lead time.

And remember all our shutters and components are made using FSC certified premium grade basswood.

Whatever resolutions you make, have a very Happy New Year!

Posted by Hugo Clancy. 30 December 2014.