It’s a perfect storm for sure!

And it’s making things extremely unpredictable when it comes to doing business, either online or on the ground.

Firstly Covid-19 which is wreaking the most havoc, mainly in the area container shipping.

There’s a global imbalance in the number of containers in circulation globally, and this is causing a severe shortage for factories waiting to get their products dispatched to customers around the world.

A shortage of any input invariably leads to price increases, and so the cost of shipping for example a 20′ container from Asia to northern Europe, in the last quarter of 2020 was on average $900, and this has risen, in the first quarter of 2021 to over $5000! And as much as $9000 for the larger 40′ container.

Brexit is less of a problem for us and is really only a concern when shipping to customers abroad; lots of extra paperwork but we were well warned in advance and we are well prepared.

The final part of the storm is CNY (Chinese New Year), when every year at this time, factories close for approximately one month to celebrate their annual holiday.

This unfortunately adds 4-5 weeks to the normal production time, but thankfully, towards the end of March, timescales begin to return to normal.

Despite all of the above, we here at Shutterplus have decided to hold off on any prices increases until at least the end of February, when we will look again at the situation.

Look out for our 3 For 2 DIY Shutter events which we will have on offer between now and then.

$9000 to ship a 40′ container is bad enough, but at least if it’s pack to the doors with premium quality diy shutters, it makes it a little more bearable!

Hugo Clancy | 19 January 2012

Owner | Shutterplus

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