Shutters For Christmas

It’s that time of year again folks!

So if your’re thinking of getting diy shutters for your home in time for Christmas, it’s time to get your skates on!

Order online before Saturday, October 14th 2017 and confirm your drawings before close of business on Monday, October 16th.

And we’ll guarantee delivery of your order before the big day!

UK customers visit

Customers in Ireland visit and for EU customers, it’s

Posted by Hugo Clancy.

6 October 2017

Best Hardwood For DIY Shutters?

If you’re looking into buy some new shutters for your home, you’ll probably know by now, there a multitude of different materials available.

And while the Mdf and Pvc options are pretty straightforward choices, the Hardwood option can be a little vague.  Exactly which type of hardwood is on offer?

It’s an important question you need to ask before making your purchase.

The most common types of hardwood used to make shutters are teak, basswood, poplar and paulownia (aka phoenix wood).

So which one’s best?

Well that can depend on your particular circumstances, eg what width is your window? would you like a paint or stain finish? is durability an important factor?

Let’s take a look at each hardwood individually.


  • Premium quality material and probably the best
  • Strong and durable for everyday use
  • Suitable for both paint and stain finish
  • Available in shapes including arches, circles etc
  • Priced at the top end of the market


  • Excellent durable material for constructing shutters
  • Lightweight and stable for bi-fold panels
  • Suitable for both paint and stain finish
  • Available in shapes including arches, circles etc
  • Moderately priced & widely used among US manufacturers


  • Very similar qualities to basswood
  • Not suitable for staining due to unattractive grain
  • Generally only available in standard rectangle and triangle shapes
  • Ideal for everyday household use
  • Excellent value for money


  • Extremely lightweight and suitable for wider openings
  • Suitable for both paint and stain finish
  • Available in shapes including arches, circles etc
  • Very low durability and very susceptible to dents and scratches
  • Not suitable for busy households or frequent everyday use

So in summary, if it’s a good quality hardwood shutter you’re looking for at an affordable price, you won’t go too far wrong with either the Basswood or Poplar option.

If you want to push the boat out, go for the Teak.  You won’t be disappointed!

Steer clear of the Paulownia/Phoenix option unless none of the others will work for you.  At Shutterplus, we no longer offer it due to negative feedback received from customers.

Please contact me if you have any queries on the above or on diy shutters in general!

Posted by Hugo Clancy. 27 January 2017

Black Friday Countdown!

Black Friday has become know as a shopping day where incredible bargains can be found in the run up to the holiday season.

This year at Shutterplus, we’re delighted to announce we will also be offering incredible, one-off prices on our range of DIY Plantation Shutters.

So keep a look out for details in the next week or 10 days on your local web site!

Shutterplus UK

Shutterplus Ireland

Shutterplus Europe

Shutterplus USA


Posted by Hugo Clancy 4 November 2016

Easy-Install DIY Shutters

Here at Shutterplus, we’re all about getting you the very best quality diy shutters, delivered safely to you door, at the lowest possible price.

Whether you live in the US, UK or Europe!

And we don’t just focus on the standard rectangular shutters.

We have lots of experience of bay window shutters, tracked shutters, shaped shutters and shutters incorporating one or more T posts, as seen below.


Visit your country website and Design & Buy your new shutters online today!

Posted by Hugo Clancy. 22 September 2016

New DIY Plantation Shutters Websites

Here at Shutterplus we’ve been busy designing new websites to make it as easy as possible for you to design & Buy your new shutters online. And save yourself lots of cash in the process!

For diy shutters in the UK visit . In Ireland visit for your diy shutters . In The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France,  go to for premium quality diy plantation shutters .

We only sell premium quality plantation shutters at extremely competitive prices!

We look forward to working with you!

Posted by Hugo Clancy.  14 May 2016.