Black Friday Shutter Sale

Our annual Black Friday Shutter Sale is now on.

This year we have premium quality, hardwood, diy plantation shutters at our lowest ever price of just £149 per square metre.

That’s CHEAPER than mdf shutters.

This one-off sale ends at midnight on Friday, November 25th, so don’t miss out.

Design & Buy your diy window shutters now!


Posted by Hugo Clancy. 19 November 2016

Black Friday Countdown!

Black Friday has become know as a shopping day where incredible bargains can be found in the run up to the holiday season.

This year at Shutterplus, we’re delighted to announce we will also be offering incredible, one-off prices on our range of DIY Plantation Shutters.

So keep a look out for details in the next week or 10 days on your local web site!

Shutterplus UK

Shutterplus Ireland

Shutterplus Europe

Shutterplus USA


Posted by Hugo Clancy 4 November 2016

Easy-Install DIY Shutters

Here at Shutterplus, we’re all about getting you the very best quality diy shutters, delivered safely to you door, at the lowest possible price.

Whether you live in the US, UK or Europe!

And we don’t just focus on the standard rectangular shutters.

We have lots of experience of bay window shutters, tracked shutters, shaped shutters and shutters incorporating one or more T posts, as seen below.


Visit your country website and Design & Buy your new shutters online today!

Posted by Hugo Clancy. 22 September 2016

New DIY Plantation Shutters Websites

Here at Shutterplus we’ve been busy designing new websites to make it as easy as possible for you to design & Buy your new shutters online. And save yourself lots of cash in the process!

For diy shutters in the UK visit . In Ireland visit for your diy shutters . In The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France,  go to for premium quality diy plantation shutters .

We only sell premium quality plantation shutters at extremely competitive prices!

We look forward to working with you!

Posted by Hugo Clancy.  14 May 2016.

Pre-Painted Flatpack Shutters

Our flatpack shutters have proved extremely popular since we launched them last summer.

And now in response to customer demand, we have made them available in a range of 8 different shades of white and off-white, ready for assembly and fitting.

Made using FSC certified basswood material and available in as little as 10 working days.

These shutters are the lowest cost DIY shutters available in the UK & Ireland. GUARANTEED!

Take the window below as an example;

flatpack diy shutters

Measurements: 1195 x 1150 – 1.37m2

Flatpack Price: £149 primer finish; £171 painted finish.

That’s just £109 per m2 primer finish and £125 per m2 painted finish.

Everything pre-cut and machined, pre-hinged and ready for assembly and fitting.


Design and price your shutters here

or call us on UK 08454 890314 / ROI 01 5065574

Shutters for the New Year

Well 2015 is nearly upon us and of course it’s at this time of year when we make resolutions to get something done to start of the year on a good note.

If you’re into DIY, why not resolve to take on a project that will add real value to your home, give you enormous satisfaction and can be achieved at minimal cost.

At Shutterplus, we offer you 3 DIY options for adding plantation shutters to your home;

  1. Ready-made shutters, completely made up, finished, pre-hinged and ready for assembly. 3-4 week lead time
  2. Flat pack shutters, with all the components machined and ready for assembly and finishing. 7-10 day lead time.
  3. Build your own shutters, pre-primed components with your own detailed custom cutting list for the serious DIY’er! 3-5 day lead time.

And remember all our shutters and components are made using FSC certified premium grade basswood.

Whatever resolutions you make, have a very Happy New Year!

Posted by Hugo Clancy. 30 December 2014.

Pre-drilled Stiles

If you’re thinking of building your own shutters, we’ve just made your job a whole lot easier.

We now have pre-drilled stiles available for the 64 and 89mm louvre sizes.

Proper hole spacing is vital for properly working shutters.

So call us on 08454 890314 or 01 5065574 (ROI) for details.

Posted by Hugo Clancy. 5 October 2014

Hinges for DIY Shutters

The most popular hinges used with plantation shutters are non-mortise hinges, also known as flush hinges.

These are loose pin hinges, so it is easy to connect panels to frames by simply lining up the two parts of the hinge and inserting the pin.


Frame hinges (shown on right in picture), have a slot hole in the larger leaf which makes it easy to adjust the panel up or down.  The inner panel hinges come in two options;

  1. A standard non-mortise hinge (left), similar to the frame hinges but without the slot hole.
  2. A rebated hinge (centre), used for meeting panels that have rebated or light blocking stiles fitted.

90% of the hinges we use in our factory are white, however they are also available in chrome, brass and antique brass.

These shutter hinges, along with a wide range of DIY Shutter Components are available to buy in our online store

Posted by Hugo Clancy. 29 June 2014