DIY Shutters – Joints

One of the most important parts of a shutter panel is the joint where the vertical stiles meet the horizontal top and bottom rails.

We use the Festool Domino mortise & tenon system for making our joints.

It replicates the traditional mortise & tenon joint but is a lot less expensive and time-consuming to machine.

The picture below from our workshop shows top, middle and bottom rails cut to size and mortised for the Domino joint.

Note the bottom rails on the left have an extra mortise bored, to allow extra domino tenons to be fitted, thus increasing the overall strength of the joints and hence the panels themselves.

diy shutters, diy plantation shutters

For the DIY enthusiast, these are really easy to glue up and clamp together, and trust me, once left clamped overnight, that joint ‘aint coming apart!

Let us know if you have any queries on our range of ready-made shutters – available with a lead time of 3-4 weeks, or our flat pack shutters with a lead time of just 7-10 working days.

Posted by Hugo Clancy. 17 June 2014



Shutters in Vegas

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, the saying goes.

I’m attending the International Window Coverings Expo and it’s a fairly tame affair so not much to disclose in terms of high jinks! That’ll be later, after dark!

There aren’t many new innovations on the shutter side of things. A stackable shutter was about the height of it and I’m not sure if that’s going to catch on.  Too plastic for me, huge amount of engineering and parts and too much to go wrong with it.  I’ll see if I can post a video of it in action but I’ve added a picture below for now.

Attending these shows is more about making contacts and meeting people you deal with but never got to meet or haven’t met for many years.

And of course there’s the chance you’ll see some fantastic new and innovative products.

As for the stackable plastic shutter, that will definitely be staying in Vegas.

by Hugo Clancy.

7 February 2014